Foundation Summary of the Funds


Foundation funds mainly come from Jin Wei own assets,the nature of the foundation: public social welfare, social philanthropy and specified education, peace and diplomacy.

Funds objects

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1. Those who have known Li Jinwei all kinds of people over 10 years of publish memoirs nature of books;

2. East China Normal University has been admitted to the different majors from difficulties on the economic with the social orphans;

3. Has been graduated from the Chinese mainland high school into Harvard University undergraduate students enrolled in the professional;

4. The family was very poor schoolchildren excellent comprehensive physical and moral development;

5. Persons engaged in the development of international peace or make a significant contribution to social progress and the progress of the pioneers who think tanks;

6. Promote China and Canada who have a special contribution to the friendly diplomatic career;

7. Those who have known Li Jinwei for more than 10 years and who are suffering from major diseases. Those who are under10 years of age are arranged according to special circumstances. 

JWC Foundation cycle time, given the number of funded projects upon application, generally not less than one project per year.

The Foundation annual subsidy limit of RMB 100,000 Yuan, if the society has undergone inflation index will be adjusted annual quota by the end of every year,generally speaking to raise up about 5%, various different projects financed amount, generally like as follows:

A, Such as memoirs nature of books, each word or punctuation mark is 0.1 yuan, assuming 200,000 word book, funding amounted to 20,000 Yuan;

B,Excellent student training fee and sympathy fund for major diseases with financial problem in fact and starting point amount of assistance: RMB1,000 Yuan, maximum RMB50,000 Yuan

C, or contributors to the cause of international peace pioneers the amount of subsidy of 50,000 Yuan;

In January each year, the Foundation publishes a list of grants that have been financed in the previous year, both in the projects that have been funded on the Foundation's website and in individual media.

Application Procedures

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The application via e-mail by , applicants are required to provide basic information as follows:

1. Biography

2. The application reasons

3. Support documents

If students under 18,the legal guardians to submit related documents.

Any information provided by the applicant must truthfully, if find in the future to verify any false or misunderstanding information, will not be considered any more.

Verification procedures

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1. If the information on the submission of applications or documents, the Foundation considers certain information to be verified, it will enter verification procedures;

2. Verify that for some of these one or juxtaposed: telephone, e-mail, original, video or interviews;

3. In case of need for the effective implementation of verification, the Foundation will arrange some liaison or agent bodies to conduct.


Assessment procedures

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1. The Foundation confirms that the application documents and supporting documents will conduct a preliminary review within one month after receipt of the notification;
2. The information and documents provided by the applicant substantially complete, the assessment will be completed within three months;
3. Assessment results are divided into positive and negative;
4. positive evaluation results, enter payment procedures, the negative results would inform negative reasons.

Notification procedures
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1. Receive a confirmation notification application. Foundation will issue an acknowledgement notice from the application by e-mail.If the applicant receives no acknowledgment,then can e-mail questions or free telephone inquiries;
2. make notifications, after preliminary examination of the application documents, if we find the lack of relevant information or documents will issue a notification of provide further information or documents;
3. The results of the assessment will be issued notice of assessment;
4. positive assessment notice will be issued allotment advices.

Payment Procedure
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1. After a positive assessment of the application, will enter into the payment process;
2. The funding will be notified of time, the amount of the funding.