The Korean Peninsula has been on the verge of nuclear war

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North Korea said Thursday that the current Korean Peninsula is at the edge of nuclear war. DPRK's ambassador to China, Mr Park Chung-ho, said at a press conference held by the DPRK Embassy in Beijing that China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, made a double suspension at the two sessions, and the United States refused it on the same day. In 2015, the DPRK preferred to suspend the joint military service in exchange for suspended nuclear tests, but the United States also rejected the proposal that day. He said, "the United States in the Korean front door threat of constant, North Korea will continue to carry out nuclear tests."

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Dillesen, who is visiting Japan, says that after 20 years of diplomatic efforts have failed to prevent North Korea from possessing nuclear weapons, it is "obviously necessary to adopt a different strategy."

In the sensitive Sade anti-missile system, Park Minghao said that Sade not only against North Korea, but to contain China and Russia.


US carrier carrier Calvin Sen to participate in the US-ROK joint military exercise

US and South Korea code "key decision" and "Yao Ying" joint military exercise has been launched, the US military to use the latest Sade defense system and F-35 fighters, the two armed forces mobilized up to 300,000 troops, unprecedented scale. News that the Sade system arrived in South Korea's US military base.

The United States and South Korea's "Key Resolve 2017" exercise began today with the army-based "Foal Eagle" (Foal Eagle) exercise, the two armed forces mobilized nearly 300,000 troops involved, massive, In dealing with North Korea's military threats and attacks.

The US-ROK military exercise, in Pyongyang test missiles and South Korea agreed to deploy the US high-altitude defense system Sade, the regional tension held on the occasion, caused a high degree of concern.

(USS Carl Vinson) aircraft carrier and its combat group warships from California, arrived in the South China Sea and the East China Sea waters of the Korean Peninsula, Beijing and Pyongyang to show the military means strong. US Pacific Command 14 also invited regional media boarding.

The US Marine Corps News (USNI News) reported that the US Marine Corps prepared the F-35B fighter, Sade defense system and special forces, will be put into the annual training, to mobilize higher than the size of the past.

Vincent Brooks, commander of the US Army in the South, said that the Calvinson would be engaged in training and that the alliance would continue to improve joint operations and key operational efforts to ensure the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the region. The Navy joins the exercise, impressive.

South Korea and the US coalition exercises will be carried out 11 days, the two armed forces are equipped with the latest equipment and land, sea and air mobilization, the scale is the largest calendar year.