International Relations Senior Expert and Adviser, Harvard Scholar

Born in Shanghai, China on February, 1956

Hobbies: Reading, research world peace, classical and modern music, world travel, swimming. Since 1997, he is swimming 1500-2000 meters uninterruptedly once a week. He is proficient in health maintenance.

The rule of life: Do not move from the poor and the humble, the mighty and unyielding, the rich and the noble are not fornication.

Life will not stop, self-realization, and career will not stop.

Life Values: One of Harvard University's motto: make friends with the truth

Language skill

1. Mother tongue: Mandarin, Shanghainese

2. English: Fluent in every aspect of listening, speaking, reading and writing

3. Esperanto:Basic

Computer skills

Proficient application of various office software, website maintenance, database management, proficient in the Internet.

Chinese experts

In 2000, it was compiled into Volume 10 of the "Chinese Expert Dictionary" published by the Press of the Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China

Current members of association

Member of the United Nations Canadian Association since April 2020

Member of Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association since March 2019

Previous members of association

2003-2007 Member and Council Member of the Alumni Association of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Vancouver, Canada

1997-2000 Member of China International Public Relations Association

1996-2001 President of the Political and History Association of East China Normal University (founded in 1996)

Member of the National Geographic Society from 1986 to 1990

Career experience

2015-Founder and Researcher of the JWC Peace Research Foundation

2003-2015 Founder of JWC Immigration Consulting Company,Canada

1997-2006 President of Shanghai Jinwei Business Development Co., Ltd.

1989-2016 Shanghai Institute for International Studies, foreign affairs secretary, researcher, deputy general manager, editor, and legal affairs of an international consulting company Directly affiliated institutions, (The Institute SIIS is one of the top 10 think tanks in China, one of the top 100 think tanks in the world and an institution directly under the Shanghai Municipal Government)

1984-1988 Staff member and document auditor of Shanghai Garment Import and Export Company

1973-1984 Salesperson of Shanghai's No. 1 Food Store

Education background

Feb.2020 to Jan.2022, Harvard University interdisciplinary courses, finished 20 courses.

May 2021 Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters from American Trinity University

May 2021 Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Evangel Christian University of America

2019-, Shanghai Senior Cadre University, Politics and Economics Class of the Current Political Department, and learn to play piano at Art Department.

Earned Master's Degree in economics from the Graduate School of East China Normal University in 1996

1989-91 Continuing Courses for Postgraduates in the Department of Economics of East China Normal University (as the class leader)

1984-89 Correspondence in Political History, Department of History, East China Normal University (as deputy monitor of a class of 100 students), earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree

1980-82, basic course of the English Department of Shanghai Foreign Language College, earned the certificate of completion

In 1984, the unified high school graduation examination for employees in Shanghai, obtained the graduation diploma.

1969-1973 Shanghai Tianmu Middle School (10 years of Cultural Revolution, no certificate)

1963-1969 Shanxi Beilu Elementary School, Shanghai (10 years of Cultural Revolution, no certificate)



Some published works, works, papers, articles, collection locations

1. The first edition of "Self-Realization" is 850,000 words in Chinese, self-published by ISBN in October 2018, collected by the National Library and Archives of Canada and the British Library

2. Editor-in-chief of "A Practical Encyclopedia of Foreign Affairs Knowledge", Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 1999, Chinese 1,800,000 words (collected by Shanghai Library)

3. Editor-in-chief of "Encyclopedia of Foreign Affairs Knowledge", Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 1992, Chinese 1,250,000 words (collected by Shanghai Library)

4. Co-author of "Foreign Economic and Trade Negotiations" Tongji University Press, 1991, 200,000 Chinese characters

New  media works

See here

old media works

7. "Thesis on China's Entry into the WTO and Economic Globalization" Chinese 7,000 words for use by the municipal government on October 8, 2001

6. "About Knowledge Economy and Public System", thesis Chinese 54,000 words, May 2000 for the municipal government

5. "The Development and Key Points of the Asian International New Securities Market", an excerpt from a paper of 3,500 Chinese characters, published by SIIS International Review, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, April 1997

4. "The Multinational Enterprise Group Going to the World" report 5,000 Chinese characters supplied to Orient International Group in April 1997

3. "Exploring the Theory of Supervising China's Stock Market" Paper 40,000 Chinese characters East China Normal University 1995

2. "Shanghai Stock Market and Its Future", 40,000 words in Chinese, East China Normal University, 1995

1. "A salesperson should learn some foreign languages" 800-character Chinese virgin work. "Jiefang Daily" Jiefang Forum August 29, 1980