LI JIN WEI Learn piano

Since 201812, Li Jinwei's piano learning has experienced three stages

1.The self-study period was 2 months (201812-201901);

2.Vancouver shangxuetang's initiation period is 2 semesters, totally 8 months (201901-201909);

3.The basic stage of Shanghai veteran cadre university system is expected to be 5 years (201909-2024).

Non stop teaching teachers: A. Ms. Shan Xiaochun, who graduated from the piano major of Art Department of Beijing Normal University and is a piano teacher of Vancouver shangxuetang school and self-employed artist; B. Ms. Shaohong, a senior teacher of piano teaching and research section of Shanghai Institute of education employed by Shanghai Veteran Cadres University.

20210228  Article 88 of Bayer.

20201117 Article 55 of Bayer

20201013 Homework of "Song of Spring" in a major of Datang

201902 "Story of A Small Town"

20190802 "Hand in Hand"

20190717  "The Moon Represents My Heart"

20190507 "Unforgettable Past"

20190317 under the guidance of Shan Xiaochun, a teacher of shangxue school in Vancouver, LI JIN WEI began to learn music and video remote class practice

20181228 LI JIN WEI began to teach himself how to touch the piano without knowing the staff