Jin Wei Traveled the Countries

Up to April 22,2019 all were 29 Countries and Region

Year 2019

20190416-0422 Vietnam Hanoi,HoChiMinh,Cambodia Siem Reap

Year 2018

20181014-1017 Pyongyang,Kaesong,Panmunjom, North Korea

Year 2017

20170416-0424 Tokyo, Osaka,Yokohama,Kyoto and Kobe,Japan

Year 2016

20161006-1029 United Kindom London, Cambridge, Edinburgh; France Paris, Nice, Reims; German Trier, Hamburg, Bonn; Italy Rome, Venice, Florence; Switzerland Zurich; Vatican; Monaco; Luxembourg; Netherlands Amsterdam, Belgium Brussels

Year 2015

20150827-0830 Banff,AB,Canada

20150101-0319 Vancouver, Canada

20150213-0226 Dallas, Miami USA ,Toronto Canada,Mexico City, Cancun Mexico

20150213-0226 Havana, Bala Rolla, Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands

Year 2014

20140421-0428 Moscow, St. Petersburg Russia

20140620-0627 Alaska USA

20141023-1101 Singapore, Malaysia, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Thailand, Pattaya

20141205-1231 Vancouver, Canada

Year 2013

20131020-1107 Oceania Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Canberra 5 cities; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown 4 cities

Year 2012

20120913-0917 Pacific Hawaii USA

Year 2011

20110724-0725 Wiesner Canada

Year 2010

20100711-0711 Seattle USA

20100615-0622 Chicago, New York, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Niagara, 7 Cities USA

Year 2008

20080825-0903 Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, PEI, Ottawa, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick 7 provinces Canada

20080823-0824 Victoria, Canada

Year 2007

20070503-0506 Las Vegas USA

20070126-0128 Hong Kong

Year 2006

20060903-0904 Seattle USA

20060704-0712 San Francisco, Sacramento USA

20060506-0506 Victoria, Canada

Year 2003

20030702-0703 Incheon, South Korea

Year 2002

20020216-0308 Vancouver, Canada

Year 1999

19991118-1125 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

20190421 Jin Wei is in HoChiMinh Vietnam

20190419 Jin Wei is in Siem Reap Cambodia

20190418 Jin Wei is in Hanoi Vietnam

20181016 Jin Wei is in Pyongyang North Korea

20170421 Jin Wei is in Kobe Janpan

20161023 Jin Wei is in London UK

20161018 Jin Wei is in Vatican

20161016 Jin Wei is in Zurich Switzerland

20161020 Jin Wei is in Monaco

20161008 Jin Wei is in Luxembourg

20161018 Jin Wei is in Rome Italy

20161011 Jin Wei is in Amsterdam Netherlands

20161009 Jin Wei is in Trier German

20161012 Jin Wei is in Brussels, Belgium

20161014 Jin Wei is in Paris France

20150224 Jin Wei is in Cayman Islands

20150223 Jin Wei is in Jamaica

20150217 Jin Wei is on the street Havana and think deeply why so backward about Cuba?

20150214 Jin Wei is on the front of Sun Pyramid Mexico City Mexico

20141031 Jin Wei is swimming at seeside in Pattaya, Thailand

20141026 Jin Wei is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


20141024 Jin Wei is in Singapore

20140423 Jin Wei is in Moscow Red Square Russia

20131031 Jin Wei is in Auckland, New Zealand to meet senior piano turner Xu Gengyu

20131024 Jin Wei couple meet classmates Wang Aihong couples & Ni Yunzhong couples from East China Normal University in Sydney, Australia


20100617 Jin Wei is at United Nations Headquarters in New York USA

20070126 Jin Wei in Hong Kong with Canadian lawyer Morrison

20060506 Jin Wei at Victoria,BC Parliament Building Canada

20030702 Jin Wei (Right) in Incheon, meet with the president of Quality Certification Company in Korea

19991202 Jin Wei review some documents within the Chinese Embassy in Ulan Bator, Mongolia